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Who we are

Redier is a company that has over 20 years experience in the industry construction, providing the best quality of work within each project that is untaken, dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and maintaining the highest level of construction services.


Customer service

Redier provides a combination of services from development consultancy, architectural design, conversions, project management and planning applications. Client satisfaction is paramount in everything we do. We aim to exceed the exceptions of our clients by providing innovative.


What we do

Redier is committed to building long term relationships with clients and suppliers to produce high quality construction services with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Our clients derive great satisfaction with the highest level precision of detail of the

Project Management

Our project management team have an expert understanding of skills required to run full projects from start to finish, we have our most experienced managers to run each project, they have the ability to predict certain delays that may occur during the course of the project and know ways a rectifying it. They have the experience to take on any type of problems and solve them on site.


Our maintenance team provide helpful and friendly services to each client and conduct themselves in a professional manner .The team ensures jobs are done to its highest standard to achieve cost efficient solutions and are dedicated to exceed each client’s expectations .


Our team offer superior quality of work and ensuring that we exceed the clients’ expectation throughout the construction process. They adapt each client’s individual’s requirements whether it’s a property renovation or a home extension we bring the unique ideas to life and complete all projects to time.


Our Team are experienced in changing the environment with innovative solutions to any problems and centre what the client wants throughout the transformation giving the project a new face an expanding the ideas that the client already has. They produce aesthetically pleasing projects that look brand new.

Architectural Design

We have an experienced team who can take your design and transform it into a 3D drawing just as you would picture it or suggest ideas that you may never thought of. Our main aim is understanding the need of the client so the uniqueness of your creation would be brought to life.

Interior Design

Our specialist team have over 15 years experience in interior design. We can design your home or work place with the colours and style you desire. If you are uncertain of what you want you can propose your ideas and watch our experts create a unique place for you.

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